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This is one in a series of tutorials on intercultural communication. Anticipated completion time for this tutorial: approximately 80 minutes.If you are completing this tutorial for a course, your score on the included exercises will be recorded. Note that you can stop and come back and your score on completed items will be retained.

Learning objectives

The objectives below can be achieved through working with the assigned readings, watching the presentations, doing the tutorial exercises, and posting to the discussion forums. Cartoon: ostrich and man, both with their heads in the ground
By successfully completing this unit, students should be able to...

  • Outline the characteristics of identity formation today
  • Be able to recognize and define key terms dealing with identities
  • Provide examples of microcultures in the US and elsewhere
  • Compare/contrast different kinds of groups and roles
  • Define and discuss racial and ethnic stereotyping
  • Be able to discuss ways to overcome stereotyping

Key Concepts for this unit

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Ascribed identity
Identity given to a person by others

Key Concepts List (PDF)