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This is one in a series of tutorials on intercultural communication. Anticipated completion time for this tutorial (not including reading chapter): approximately 40 minutes.

Learning Objectives

The objectives below can be achieved through working with the assigned readings, watching the presentations, doing the tutorial exercises, and posting to the discussion forums. Achievement of the objectives will be measured through the score achieved on the exercises (questions can be answered more than once), on the Blackboard quiz for this unit, and on the quality of contributions to the course discussion forums.


By successfully completing this unit, students should be able to...

  • Define acculturation and different modes of acculturation
  • Explain the concept of "face"
  • Define facework and identify facework strategies
  • List and define different styles of conflict communication
  • Discuss factors that facilitate or hinder acculturation
  • Define and name the stages of culture shock
  • Discuss and give examples of cultural schemas
  • Discuss aspects of mediated cultural encounters

Key Concepts for this unit

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The process of cultural change that results from ongoing contact between two or more culturally different groups

Key Concepts (PDF)